Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 NPS Round 1 - Rostrevor

Round One of the Irish NPS  Series was last weekend in Rostrevor, Co. Down.

I have raced in Rostrevor several times so I knew the track reasonably well with only 1 or two lines changing the track was similiar to the track used for the 2010 National Champs. With one or two new lines and the track riding a bit differently than usually, I did a run behind young Ben Kennedy at the start of the morning and felt a bit loose and dodgy, so next run down I messed with trye pressure then I headed up to look at the track and rode down section by section. I felt much more confident for the rest of practice after a good look at the track and did 4 or 5 more runs. I felt good by the end of the day and walked the track just to be sure and packed up and headed home for the evening. I gave the bike a wash and had a big meal and hit the hay.

I woke up and straight to Rostrevor it was, the finish field was damp and frosty so I thaught I would wait a bit and not ride the track in the damp slippy conditions it had reported to be. I headed up with the idea to do a full run but caught up on another rider half way down so pulled in. As I was going down in mid air on the road gap i heard the marshalls radio say that uplifts were closed so I only got one run on Sunday morning before the race runs.

I still felt good before the race, so I headed to the top and did a quick warm up on the turbo at the top. I went out of the gate of good speed but missed a line quite early on and stalled down a steep rock face. The rest of the run was good until i got stuck behind a slower rider and had to brake hard and lost alot of speed for the next section, but still came down in 5th place for the first run. My second run was clear of riders but i still made silly mistakes, including blowing my foot of in the pedallyiest  second of the track loosing loads of speed for a large section of track. I finished of in 5th, 3 seconds of 3rd and not the happiest.

Cant wait for the next round, need to up my game and fitness for the next round. I have a throat infection now so its pretty annoying as I am eager to get going for it. Its in Fermoy a new location so cant wait for that.

More updates soon, Adam...

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