Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 Winter Series Round 1 Report

So the first race of the year came around last weekend, I wasnt expecting much as I havent done as much preparation as I had hoped. The day before the race I did a full days riding with the Nukeproof team and some friends in Rostrevor. We busted 8 or 9 runs and by the last few I was feeling amazing on the bike. This made me feel pretty good coming into race day in Bigwood. A different track yes, but feeling good on the bike is always good.

Anyways here is how the race went:

With no uplifts on foot was the only way to the top of the track, not ideal but had to be done! For my first run I headed up with weapon and good friend Ben Kennedy and did a bit of sectioning. The track was short but still required a decent bit of effort due to its pedally nature and it was effort to keep moving at race pace.

After a bit more pushing and sectioning I was feeling really good on the bike and prepared to throw down a race run, the conditions weren't ideal. It was really muddy, some sections were grippy and others were far off grippy. I heard alot of people say everywhere was slippy so it was good in my own head i knew it wasnt and I knew I could ride it at a high pace.

Being my first year in Juniors I was in the second last category to leave the start gate, a big change as I usually rush to get practice and back to the top for the last 4 years. I checked my start times and I had a long wait. 2 and a half hours to be precise. Seemed a bit mad, anyway I had a cup of tea and got into fresh gear. Before my run I gave my bike a good clean and drivetrain a lubing. All set I pushed to the top and cycled a bit of the fireroad as my warm up.

So then it was time to hear the beeps again. Its been to long. I set out of the gate agressively but knew up top was a dangerzone with the lack of grip underfoot (should I say under trye?), I managed to blow feet of in the top corners but then got into the flow of things and was really aggressive where I could be but then just backed off for no reason, soon I was near the bottom and almost thought to myself ''OH SHIT, I BETTER GET GOING'' so I did my best to smash out the end section despite some blinding camera flashes and almost going OTB on the final gap jump.

I crossed the line to hear, 1.51. I instantly felt my run was injustice to how I was riding that weekend and that I need to work on timing and fitness a bit more. 2nd place. Not ideal and I know I could have won if I manned up and gave it beans 100% of my run. It will come some day.

Knowing what I gotta do for the next race makes me excited. Turbo trainer is ordered. B$AST MODE ENGAGED.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So the Winter has been ticking away, surprisingly its not that cold, only been on one xc spin where there has been a bit of snow on the ground so were pretty lucky in that sense!

Here's some helmet cam footage of a savage spin I did up North, when I say savage I mean savage! Also the sheer amount of people on this spin was pretty impressive, it was almost 30 in the end so it made for a amazing day out on the bike with amazing people and of course amazing trails. So cheers to the boys from up there for showing us around. The spin wasn't far from 5 hours long, I actually couldnt walk for two days after it, had to head out on the road bike to loosen the legs up!

Heres some helmet cam footage of my good friend Kipper following The boss Michael Cowan, we rode in Donard, Tollymore and probably a few more forests.

I have also received my 2012 Race Bike, my Nukeproof Scalp. She is a beast and I love it so far, Got a nice pimping spec on it so should be a nice well needed upgrade. Once I have it nicely set up there is no excuses!

Heres a helmet cam of myself following Ben Kennedy down a new track in a secret spot, shame everyone knows about it! Nice one to Kyle Nelson to build it - because its absolutely savage!
Loads of railable corners, its just in the half ridden in stage at the moment, but I cant wait to see what it will be like in a few months! FLAT OUT - I'd say!

Now I have the new beast I have got the urge to ride Downhill again so been trying my best to get out doing uplifts in a few spots. Kyles handy work up north has inspired me to get going on a new track in our local ''upliftable'' spot, so I made a facebook group with some heads that ride there and its looking good. I will post some pics up soon hopefully!

Heres Turbetts Tales Episode 3 as I havent posted it up here yet.

More soon haters! Braap.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Winter Training begins.

When November comes around, its time to knuckle down and get some training done!

I cycled out to Howth on the road bike with my good friend Ben Kennedy during the week, it was about a 60-70km road cycle, suprised really - road isnt as boring as you would think.

Heres a picture of Howth looking nice and sunny: - shame it pissed rain cycling there..

I have also just finished building up my new winter XC/AM BEAST! It's a Commencal Meta 5.5 with Fox 32s, and a few other trick bits. Its an amazing bike, it climbs like a hardtail and descends not quite like a downhill bike but certainly not far from it.

There was also an uplift day in Cullohill, there should be some former posts of race results ect on here from the venue. Its a pretty fun little spot so I thaught itd be worth the drive down and it was pretty enjoyable to get back out on the Downhill bike before the snow hits back.

Some footage of the uplift day with be in the next Turbett's Tales episode so wait for that!

More soon.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Turbett's Tales Episode 2

Here's the second episode of my podcast, next episode should be up in the next week or two. Its getting a great response so I am pretty happy about that!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Chest Cam from Final NPS Round

Final Round of the 2011 NPS Series brouth us to a new venue in Co.Down, Yellowater Woods. Track was savage and I loved it, felt like i was riding well all weekend. I must have been because despite the weather I finished up in 2nd place on the day and was stoked to finish the season on a high note.

Im building up a new Winter All mountain machine and it should be done soon! Its looking like it will be a sick build and will be my most used bike by a mile id say! Ill post some pics when I get a chance.

About half way threw editing Turbetts Tales Episode 2 aswell, so give that a another week or so and it should be good to go!

Turbetts Tales Episode One

ts that time, its my tales Episode One!
The episode begins in Leadmines, Myself and Luke Beattie are the riders and its filmed by Daniel Wolfe. Unfortunately he couldn't join in on the fun because of his injury picked up in La Bresse, so he did a spot of filming for us! It start pissing rain about an hour in so didn't get as much footage there as I had hoped. 
My good friend and top downhill rider Cameron 'the weed/twig/'' Cornforth was up for a week after the NPS in Whitehorse, we did loads of riding but only managed to film probably the worst of all our riding which was in Killiney Hill, not a good idea to bike there as its usually loaded with walkers and dogs. But the legends we are we do it anyway for the lads. So we got a bit of footage there and that was that. Its a shame we didnt get some more footage as we had some really good spins and adventures, including a topless 2 hour spin in 3rock and a 5 hour epic all in 3Rock. Really is the place to ride hardtails at the moment, especially if you know where to go!
Next we hit up the Epic Blast, 400 mass start event I am sure we all know about. Unfortunately I ran out of power on the Go Pro so couldn't get the Main blast recorded. I wore a wife-beater (vest top for all you haters) in the main blast for the craic. No craic now as I was sick with a throat infection two days later. The cam is following young Ben Kennedy who I did my first run down on, most of the footage the camera has water because of the rain but nothing I can do now! 
Big shout out to Go Pro and Madison distribution UK who kindly supplied me with the Go Pro free of charge to help construct my Tales, its really good to see people still willing to help others out when they can. Nema are also hucking me up with some free merchandise and I will be putting stories up on there site aswell, so I will post links up to them on the forum or up here also! 
Next in the episode it was one of my final days of Summer holidays, I headed up to ride some downhill with Colin Keogh, Kevin Coughlan and Eoin O Siochru. Its always good craic riding with this rowdy bunch, but sometimes it hurts my ears when they talk about dirty things. Really only got footage of them and not myself but that how I roll. Was pretty happy with some of the shots and I think its probably the best section of the video.
Later that day a good bunch of the 'lads' hit up Bulloch Harbor in Dalkey, it was low tide so the jump was just over 30 ft or so. It really was a craze jumping into the sea over the summer!
The footage was off my mates IPhone and thats why its smaller than other shots, but its all about the fun in Bulloch. Cheers to Priestly who jumped in with the Go Pro, he loves strap ons so he offered to do it first. weh weh weh... 
Next episode hopefully will be better and I will sort out the aspect ratio of the videos sorted.
If all goes to plan I will get some T 13 footage in, Yellow Water NPS and more!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Barry ' The Blender ' Henderson

Pretty rude videos, but a few months ago I was ubsessed with these. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!

Heres the latest episode, first I have watched in ages and have to say its as funny as ever!

On biking terms - Ulster League Round 3 is on tomorow, heading up early to have a look and shred. its a one day event so will be hard to come to terms with the track with only 3 hours of practice, but its the same track as the final NPS so good to get a few runs in before that! CANT WAIT!

Ill let you know how it goes ganstas!