Friday, August 26, 2011

Long time NO SEE!

Well it sure has been a while.... really wasnt bothered keeping this up but just saw it there and said to myself ah sure why not. Looking back at the old content its actually a nice memo of my going ons!.

Since Rostrevor I guess alots happened but literally nothing important. 
The next round of the NPS was in Leap, Co.Cork it was a new venue but weather was terrible and the track went to shambles! It had gradient and all but just got un rideable, I got to excited in my 1st race run crashed several times then grannied it down in my second run to come 8th.. Great. 

The next round was in Cullohill.. I actually love Cullo the track isnt amazing or anything special. But its just enjoyable, it was a new second half of the track and I loved it, steep slippy technical woods and a huuuge drop at the end. 1st run wasnt great had a few big stalls and slow moments. 2nd run pinned and crashed just before the finish. Probably best race run ever till I fucked up! 6th place..... 

Whitehorse was up next. Savage venue, pretty much savage track. Riding well - raced like a goon. Simple as. 8th place.

Enough about racing, Summer has gone by and in less than 5 days I am back to school. Im going into 5th year which alot of people say is the shittest year of them all. I was so used to either sitting around on my arse, riding bikes, going gym or just general shinanigans. No homework or any of that shite but I gotta do what i gotta do and suppose I will have to do my Leaving Cert at some stage. 

Some classroom shininagins - just casual squat in Science..

I headed up to Kippers gaff in Belfast actually cant remember when but it was a week of or something and we made this video Living it Large 2 - the sequel to the famous first movie! Note the massive huck we hit, i got whiplash it was that bad!
Summer started off absolutely shite, there was absolutely nothing going on. No one riding but I got out as much as I could. over the last 6 weeks though, its picked up and I got some class hacking and bombing sessions in som sick downhill and cliff jumping is the latest on my list! Its a different buzz that biking gives, and I love it! Must find bigger..... 

Another big thing to come out of my Summer is this:  

Basically over the next while, I am going to be making a podcast, not of just biking but it should have ALL the  craic in it I hope.

The teaser seems to worked as Stuart from Madison is sending me out A HD Go Pro helmet cam which is also waterproof ect and all the mounts I need for it. STOKED! Cheers Stu!

Thats pretty much all for now, might try keep this going... Cya later anyway. 

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