Monday, July 5, 2010

Long Time, No See.

Well I have really been slacking lately well for ages, havent updated this blog since Febuary. The season is almost over with only 2 races to go, the Nationals in Rostrevor and the final Nps in Carrick. Looking forward to those races for sure.

Well Since Febuary I finished 3rd at the third round of the Winter Series, in Moneyscalp. Then unfortunately the next round was cancelled which is a real shame and the crc bunch had built some new sections which made the track seem much more flowier than previous years.

The NPS has been a bit of a disaster so to say this year. I finished 5th place in Round 1 with a pretty awful performance so I felt with a bit more speed I would be back up there. Round 2 was in Killarney on a short track which isnt ideal for racing, I made a big mistake in my 1st run pushing me off the track and a smaller mistake and felt quicker in my second run and off course just to annoy me the times were the same. Back in 8th place only 6 seconds of 3rd place, just shows on a tight track like that mistakes matter the most. My worst results since 2008.

Round 3 was in Dunmanway, the steep track turned to poo like it did in 08 and was nearly unrideable. !st run i got caught hanging on a tree and second run binned it down the steep shoot, up quick and thaught i was on for a good time and on the 2nd last corner boom into a tree, thanks tree thanks alot! I finished up in 6th place.

Round 4 i had food poisoning or some sort of thing, no energy vomitting and diahorea were the words used most for me that weekend. 8th place with what had to be called my hardest runs ever, dont know how i held on i was so weak.

Round 5 was in Cullohill, went good finished in 4th with two decent runs. Glad to be back in the top 5 after some pretty shitty results and a serious lack of riding due to gardening to stop my expected dog to escape and revision for my exams in the summer.

Round 6 was in Glen Of Imaal, i wasnt alowd race until Saturday night. It was during my exams and my parents were not keen on letting me race. Some how i convinced them. The track was relatively long and mostly flat, not ideal for myself as thats shit as. With only 1 day of practice i managed 4 runs in the morning before the race, a new pb for myself. Still lacking practice I tryed to push hard but trying fails sometimes and made some big mistakes and going of track in my 1st run, it rained for second and track became slower. 8th place....

Davy Graham ( designer of my banner) designed new jerseys for my race team, and wow i wasnt expecting the jerseys to be so nice.

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