Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bree - Winter League Round 1

The Winter League began in Bree, Co.Wexford. It had rained alot in the previous weeks and some how the track wasn't a pool, despite flooding in all the villages surrounding the track.

Practice went well, and i decided once I had my lines choose and dialed to call it a day and conserve some energy for race day. At the Winter Series you have to push to the top yourself, alot of people get carried away and are wrecked the next day. So I was glad to call it a day after a few runs.

We drove back to Smythys house that evening, and we had a few games of COD and some Curry. We went to bed pretty early and we were up early to drive back down. I did 2 runs and had some food and gave my bike a quick check over and headed up for my race run along with my pimping new goggles. My race run went ok, most was good but I blew my pedals off half way down and rode almost half the track unclipped. I came down in 2nd place. Cameron snapped his chain so he was back in 4th. Before I knew it i was back on the start line for my second run. I was 2nd last down just ahead of team Dan Sheridan. I pushed harder this run and luckily my feet stayed clipped in and went 3 seconds faster. I stayed in 2nd place and finally after 2 years of trying I beat my rival and friend Cameron Cornforth, I was happy enough to get 2nd place in my first U16 Race. And it wasnt to bad as teamate Dan finished in the top spot. Cloon is the next Winter League race and I cant wait to pin it now.

Thats all for now x

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