Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OC Tuned - Solid Mission 9

I have my new Solid Mission 9 from OC Tuning all built up, and I have to say the bike is simply amazing. I have only ridden it 3 times and each time I have been more and more impressed, despite having 3 different spring rates on each ride. Its now set up perfect and I cannot wait to get racing again, speaking of racing the Winter Series begins in two weeks in Bree, Co. Wexford.

Pretty bad picture but there she is, I will try get some better pics up over the next while.

Thanks to James for getting the bike in for me so quick and having it all ready for Christmas Day!

Would you notice the bike is completely covered in Biketape? I received a package of a whole load of Biketape and Framewrap I have to say the products are both amazing. The biketape will definitely help keep my bike looking good especially with the uplifts in Ireland! The frame wrap is a sticky tube like rubber which sticks to itself, on a bike it looks alot cleaner and neater than a tube and cable ties. So thanks again to all over at Biketart for hooing me up with all that stuff!

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