Friday, October 16, 2009

Whitehorse NPS Round 8

For the final round of The Irish NPS Series, Whitehorse Co.Waterford was where it was at! Tom Power is known for building crazy tracks and this was no disappointment , it involved some serious air time and some high speeds. I drove down late on Friday night just after school, It was to dark to walk the track, so i rested up and waited till the morning. I had rode the track before but still wanted to check out a few lines.

Practice began, the track was very short round 1 40 -2 00, so you could do endless runs. There was a great atmosphere around, and the track was riding well., I did a few full runs, and hit the huge 35 foot long 15 foot high northshore, and as I mentioned before BIG AIR TIME!!

Sunday morning came around and the track again was the same but the jump run out and berm after were blown to bits.Unfortunately my friend Kipper (mentioned in older entries) broke his shoulder on his first run. I smashed out 2 full runs and was really feeling it for Finals. I set out off the gate quite aggressive and was trying to keep it this way the full way down. I came down into 2nd, not to shabby. Second runs had come about and I was once again I pushed hard but only to go 1 second faster but secured 2nd Place and 3rd place in the overall NPS Series.

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