Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rostrevor NPS 7

The second last round of the Irish NPS Series brought us to Rostrevor, Co. Down. Rostrevor has been down as a favorite for me every time. I raced the same track last year and struggled to even get down it due to its roughness and steepness, but this year I was loving it. I drove up early Saturday morning, Walked the track and got straight down to practice, got some lines dialed. After a few sectioning runs, I ate some lunch then headed up for a few more, I did a few full runs and got into the flow of things.

Around came Sunday morning, it had rained a little but the track stayed as dusty and roosty as it was the day before so no worries there. I did 2 loose as a goose runs and headed down to the car to give the bike a check and eat some food. I headed up for my run, My run was ok no major mistakes I missed one big line which i was pretty annoyed about, I was placed 4th but only buy less than a second so I was ready to go faster again in my second run. Second runs came around and I had another clean enough run, I hit the line I missed in the first, I came down to go 1.5 seconds faster. I had to nervously wait for the next rider to appear, he did later with 1 hand on the bar and 1 on his wrist, he had crashed. I was convinced I had moved onto the podium but 0.2 back I was. Thats racing!

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