Monday, October 19, 2009

Season Wrap Up.

Well the season just ended, and I finished in 3rd place overall in the 2009 Irish Series. Above I have attached the overall table for the U14 catergory.

Training has begun for the 2010 Race Season, I have decided that Rowing and Track cycling are going to be my main two forms of training during the Winter months. There are great rowing facilities available in my school, so I think I should take advantage of this, as it is a great overall body workout. I began track cycling this weekend with Cycling Ireland, there is a newly built out door velo drome built on the Sundrive Rd. It takes place every Saturday on fixed wheel bikes, its pretty scary at first but it is defiantly a very effective way to improve pedaling power and overall body fitness levels. Hopefully this will all pay off in the 2010 race season. I have also planned along with some friends to start building some more tracks to ride over the winter.

I am looking forward to the 2010 race season, and hope to by then have got a new bike. I am currently on the search for sponsorship for 2010 and if any companies that are intrested could contact me for a cv @

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