Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 Winter Series Round 1 Report

So the first race of the year came around last weekend, I wasnt expecting much as I havent done as much preparation as I had hoped. The day before the race I did a full days riding with the Nukeproof team and some friends in Rostrevor. We busted 8 or 9 runs and by the last few I was feeling amazing on the bike. This made me feel pretty good coming into race day in Bigwood. A different track yes, but feeling good on the bike is always good.

Anyways here is how the race went:

With no uplifts on foot was the only way to the top of the track, not ideal but had to be done! For my first run I headed up with weapon and good friend Ben Kennedy and did a bit of sectioning. The track was short but still required a decent bit of effort due to its pedally nature and it was effort to keep moving at race pace.

After a bit more pushing and sectioning I was feeling really good on the bike and prepared to throw down a race run, the conditions weren't ideal. It was really muddy, some sections were grippy and others were far off grippy. I heard alot of people say everywhere was slippy so it was good in my own head i knew it wasnt and I knew I could ride it at a high pace.

Being my first year in Juniors I was in the second last category to leave the start gate, a big change as I usually rush to get practice and back to the top for the last 4 years. I checked my start times and I had a long wait. 2 and a half hours to be precise. Seemed a bit mad, anyway I had a cup of tea and got into fresh gear. Before my run I gave my bike a good clean and drivetrain a lubing. All set I pushed to the top and cycled a bit of the fireroad as my warm up.

So then it was time to hear the beeps again. Its been to long. I set out of the gate agressively but knew up top was a dangerzone with the lack of grip underfoot (should I say under trye?), I managed to blow feet of in the top corners but then got into the flow of things and was really aggressive where I could be but then just backed off for no reason, soon I was near the bottom and almost thought to myself ''OH SHIT, I BETTER GET GOING'' so I did my best to smash out the end section despite some blinding camera flashes and almost going OTB on the final gap jump.

I crossed the line to hear, 1.51. I instantly felt my run was injustice to how I was riding that weekend and that I need to work on timing and fitness a bit more. 2nd place. Not ideal and I know I could have won if I manned up and gave it beans 100% of my run. It will come some day.

Knowing what I gotta do for the next race makes me excited. Turbo trainer is ordered. B$AST MODE ENGAGED.

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