Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So the Winter has been ticking away, surprisingly its not that cold, only been on one xc spin where there has been a bit of snow on the ground so were pretty lucky in that sense!

Here's some helmet cam footage of a savage spin I did up North, when I say savage I mean savage! Also the sheer amount of people on this spin was pretty impressive, it was almost 30 in the end so it made for a amazing day out on the bike with amazing people and of course amazing trails. So cheers to the boys from up there for showing us around. The spin wasn't far from 5 hours long, I actually couldnt walk for two days after it, had to head out on the road bike to loosen the legs up!

Heres some helmet cam footage of my good friend Kipper following The boss Michael Cowan, we rode in Donard, Tollymore and probably a few more forests.

I have also received my 2012 Race Bike, my Nukeproof Scalp. She is a beast and I love it so far, Got a nice pimping spec on it so should be a nice well needed upgrade. Once I have it nicely set up there is no excuses!

Heres a helmet cam of myself following Ben Kennedy down a new track in a secret spot, shame everyone knows about it! Nice one to Kyle Nelson to build it - because its absolutely savage!
Loads of railable corners, its just in the half ridden in stage at the moment, but I cant wait to see what it will be like in a few months! FLAT OUT - I'd say!

Now I have the new beast I have got the urge to ride Downhill again so been trying my best to get out doing uplifts in a few spots. Kyles handy work up north has inspired me to get going on a new track in our local ''upliftable'' spot, so I made a facebook group with some heads that ride there and its looking good. I will post some pics up soon hopefully!

Heres Turbetts Tales Episode 3 as I havent posted it up here yet.

More soon haters! Braap.

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