Monday, October 10, 2011

Turbetts Tales Episode One

ts that time, its my tales Episode One!
The episode begins in Leadmines, Myself and Luke Beattie are the riders and its filmed by Daniel Wolfe. Unfortunately he couldn't join in on the fun because of his injury picked up in La Bresse, so he did a spot of filming for us! It start pissing rain about an hour in so didn't get as much footage there as I had hoped. 
My good friend and top downhill rider Cameron 'the weed/twig/'' Cornforth was up for a week after the NPS in Whitehorse, we did loads of riding but only managed to film probably the worst of all our riding which was in Killiney Hill, not a good idea to bike there as its usually loaded with walkers and dogs. But the legends we are we do it anyway for the lads. So we got a bit of footage there and that was that. Its a shame we didnt get some more footage as we had some really good spins and adventures, including a topless 2 hour spin in 3rock and a 5 hour epic all in 3Rock. Really is the place to ride hardtails at the moment, especially if you know where to go!
Next we hit up the Epic Blast, 400 mass start event I am sure we all know about. Unfortunately I ran out of power on the Go Pro so couldn't get the Main blast recorded. I wore a wife-beater (vest top for all you haters) in the main blast for the craic. No craic now as I was sick with a throat infection two days later. The cam is following young Ben Kennedy who I did my first run down on, most of the footage the camera has water because of the rain but nothing I can do now! 
Big shout out to Go Pro and Madison distribution UK who kindly supplied me with the Go Pro free of charge to help construct my Tales, its really good to see people still willing to help others out when they can. Nema are also hucking me up with some free merchandise and I will be putting stories up on there site aswell, so I will post links up to them on the forum or up here also! 
Next in the episode it was one of my final days of Summer holidays, I headed up to ride some downhill with Colin Keogh, Kevin Coughlan and Eoin O Siochru. Its always good craic riding with this rowdy bunch, but sometimes it hurts my ears when they talk about dirty things. Really only got footage of them and not myself but that how I roll. Was pretty happy with some of the shots and I think its probably the best section of the video.
Later that day a good bunch of the 'lads' hit up Bulloch Harbor in Dalkey, it was low tide so the jump was just over 30 ft or so. It really was a craze jumping into the sea over the summer!
The footage was off my mates IPhone and thats why its smaller than other shots, but its all about the fun in Bulloch. Cheers to Priestly who jumped in with the Go Pro, he loves strap ons so he offered to do it first. weh weh weh... 
Next episode hopefully will be better and I will sort out the aspect ratio of the videos sorted.
If all goes to plan I will get some T 13 footage in, Yellow Water NPS and more!

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