Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cullahill NPS Round 6

Round 6 of the NPS Series brought us to Cullahill, Co. Laois, a new race venue. I arrived on Saturday morning and had a quick track walk, track looked pretty good in places and quite pedally in others, I got my gear on and headed up for my 1st practice run, picked some lines hear and there and boosted the big jumps, after 2 runs I had some lunch and gave my bike a quick run threw then did 3 more solid practice runs. I was happy with my practice so far so I decided to end there and keep some in the tank for tomorows race day.

Sunday morning came around, and it had rained during the night, the track had changed alot, I headed up for a run and crashed pushing where it was normally safe, luckily I wasnt hurt but it still unsettled me slightly, I quickly threw on a mud trye and went for one more run, the run wasnt great but it would do. I got some good food and lots of water into me and got the uplift to the top, i did a small warm up and got in the zone. The run was going decent still not pushing like I should have, I came around a corner and on my line was the rider ahead of me I had to slam on the brakes and try to avoid him which caused me to run off course, I tryed to get going as quickly as I could, i ended up crashing further down, I put that behind me and focused on my second run. My 2nd run was to cautious and I wasnt happy but I finished in 3rd place and got some good points for the overall, and I was excited as I was going to Les gets the next day! The next race is in 6 weeks so I have a big break until then.

Thanks for reading. Adam.

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