Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shoulders on the way.

Well this week i got back to the gym after breaking my collarbone, felt a bit odd at first so did alot of swimming to build er back up and she seems fine now, my new am/xc machine Ragley MMMBop is so almost built and i cant wait to get shredding it and working on my fitness and skills from general ragging of the bike.

Also had a training day with Matt Simmonds - CRC rider  yesterday, the irish development squad had booked matt over for the weekend but Murphys law alowd several inches of snow to fall and luckily i got to listen in on Matts talk with the squad, he talked about training, bike set up, whats best to do for certain riders. race preparation and lots about the mind and racing. He made some really important points which hopefully will help me focus and do well at future races.

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