Monday, November 8, 2010


Well my string of luck has ended, I have had a few big crashes since I had begun mountain biking and all being lucky escapes with no injury.

But 3 weeks ago, i decided to skip school and go to Rostrevor, Co. Down (with parents permission of course!) and ride with Dan and Tom, we rode for a bit pushing and all was going well then we began to do uplifts which got the adrenaline going, we had planned to do one or two more runs time consciously. Anyway of we went down the Bin Run ( Epic Track) and shit hit the fan as flat out i clipped the pedal and went straight  over the handle bars, at first i was just winded and taught wow that was quite the crash and was sore pretty much all over due to the speed of the crash ect. I got back up and tryed to ride down but the pain was to much in my shoulder. I knew something was wrong and wheeled the bike down. Went for an x-ray to be told that I had indeed broken my collarbone. 6 weeks of the bike as per usual. What can you expect in downhill anyway!

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