Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kipper and Camerons House

As I am out of school, I recently got the train up to my friend Kippers house to do some riding and training of some cool tracks. It was great to get away from the tracks I ride all the time, We rode some sort of bike everyday including Pit Biking! That was great fun and I wish I have a pit bike now! We rode some cool dirtjumps and some flat out downhill tracks, I was glad to get away from my local tracks for a while. After a week in Belfast, Myself and Kipper headed down to Camerons house in Co.Cork. Camerons very lucky to have 2 sick downhill tracks in his backgarden and a fun little pumptrack. He also showed us a awesome steep track not far from his house. I was feeling flat out riding all these new tracks, which I was happy about as there was an NPS race soon.

Here is a small video of me riding some tracks on my adventures:

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