Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cahir NPS Round 4

Hi readers,

Last weekend was the 4th round of the Irish NPS Series in Cahir, Co. Tipperary. Same venue as the 1st NPS race but a completely different track which i was very happy about as I wasnt the biggest fan of the other race track. I arrived on Thursday with Dan and Tom Sheridan, we decided we would ride and just walked the track and picked some lines to practice the next day.

A nice early rise the next morning for some pre race practice, we woke to a small rain shower
then nothing but sun since! The track was amazing to ride, so
fast and fun. I was riding well in the morning, i was following Dan to keep me on pace. After hitting most sections a few times we packed up for lunch, but unfortunately on the way down i got my 1st ever puncture on my downhill bike.

Saturday morning came round quickly and I did one full run behind Dan and Damo and noticed my forks werent working great and I went over to James at OC Tuning to sort em, he sorted me with a new set of Boxxer Teams. Practice went well, I had all the lines dialed and was very excited for a good days racing the next day.

The Sun was shining and it was race morning, what else could you want? I decided 2 full runs before my race run would be perfect, normally at races i mess up in pre race run practice and it pisses me off but this time i had 2 solid clean runs and a few people mentioned that i was pinning it so i felt more confident than ever. I set out in my race run, i was fast out of the gate and hit the 1st few turns on the pipe, smashed the rock garden and got a huge cheer from the crowd, i was really getting loose so as i dropped of the bridge into the woods I said to myself cool it down, and i really did cool it down and never really got back up to pace to finish 3rd after that run. I crashed in my 2nd run and was pushed down into 5th place which i was quite dissapointed about! Next race is Killarney and I cant wait to pin it there.

Thanks for reading Adam.

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